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Darwin Mythology

Author(s): Kostas Kampourakis

ISBN: 9781009375689
Publication Date: 6/6/24
Pages: 328
Format: Paperback
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Many historical figures have their lives and works shrouded in myth, both in life and long after their deaths. Charles Darwin (1809–82) is no exception to this phenomenon and his hero-worship has become an accepted narrative. This concise, accessible and engaging collection unpacks this narrative to rehumanize Darwin's story and establish what it meant to be a 'genius' in the Victorian context. Leading Darwin scholars have come together to argue that, far from being a lonely genius in an ivory tower, Darwin had fortune, diligence and – crucially – community behind him. The aims of this essential work are twofold. First, to set the historical record straight, debunking the most pervasive myths and correcting falsehoods. Second, to provide a deeper understanding of the nature of science itself, relevant to historians, scientists and the public alike.

  • Aims to debunk myths and correct falsehoods about Charles Darwin's life and work
  • Leading Darwin scholars offer new conclusions about the history and nature of science
  • Accessibly written for readers across many fields including history, philosophy and the sciences