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Dante's Divine Comedy

A Reading Guide

Author(s): K. P. Clarke

ISBN: 9781009400824
Publication Date: 30/5/24
Pages: 306
Format: Paperback
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The first of its kind, this guide enables readers to get as close as possible to the words of Dante's Comedy. Opening up interpretative possibilities that only become available through reading the poem in its original form, it equips students with an enjoyable and accessible grammatical introduction to the language of early Italian. Including a series of passages drawn from Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso, the text is accompanied by a detailed glossary, followed by a commentary which pays particular attention to matters of language and style. Further reading and study questions are provided at the end of each section, prompting new and fresh ways of engaging with the text. Readers will discover how, by listening to Dante in his own words, one may newly and more fully appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the Comedy.


  • Gives a clear and systematic account of the grammar of Dante's Italian, rendering accessible the singular language of Dante's Comedy
  • Provides a clear running glossary to aid the reader in understanding selected passages of the Comedy, allowing for in-depth engagement with its original vernacular Italian
  • Accompanies each passage with a commentary including interpretation and explication of Dante's poem, revealing what insights and revelations become available through reading the poem in the original language