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The Answers You've Been Looking For

Author(s): Paula Briggs, Nicola Kersey

ISBN: 9781009124386
Publication Date: 1/6/2023
Pages: 150
Format: Paperback
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Choosing the right method of contraception can be confusing: you need to consider your lifestyle, personal preference, any health conditions you might have, and how effective each method is at preventing pregnancy. Discussing options with your doctor may seem daunting, and information on social media can be misinformed and overwhelming. This handy guide, written by two experts in Sexual and Reproductive Health, will answer all your questions about contraception, helping you decide what works best for you. The authors walk you through every method of contraception, with information on how it works, how to use it correctly and how effective it is. The authors also explain how and when conception can occur during the menstrual cycle, how life stage can affect your choice, and how hormonal contraception can be used to help other health conditions. From the pill to the condom and everything in between, pick what's right for you.

  • The authors explore the topic logically, beginning with a back-to-basics explanation of the menstrual cycle and how and when conception can occur, aiding in understanding how each method prevents pregnancy
  • Balances both the benefits and potential limitations of each method, allowing readers to assess whether a method would work for them personally, based on their lifestyle, preferences, medical history and how effective the method is
  • Methods covered include hormonal (the pill, patch and ring), barrier (internal and external condoms) and long acting contraception (the implant, intrauterine contraception and injections) as well as fertility awareness methods and emergency contraception