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Author(s): Anthony King

ISBN: 9781108700276
Publication Date: 31-01-2019
Pages: 504
Format: Paperback
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In the wake of the troubled campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, military decision-making appears to be in crisis and generals have been subjected to intense and sustained public criticism. Taking these interventions as a starting point, Anthony King examines the transformation of military command in the twenty-first century. Focusing on the army division, King argues that a phenomenon of collective command is developing. In the twentieth century, generals typically directed and led operations personally, monopolising decision-making. They commanded individualistically, even heroically. As operations have expanded in range and scope, decision-making has multiplied and diversified. As a result command is becoming increasingly professionalised and collaborative. Through interviews with many leading generals and vivid ethnographic analysis of divisional headquarters, this book provides a unique insight into the transformation of command in western armies.

  • Includes interviews with some of the most prominent generals of the current era (such as James Mattis, David Petraeus and Nick Carter)
  • Contains a highly original and detailed ethnography of the divisional headquarters, based on extensive fieldwork
  • Includes historical research back to the First World War of both counter-insurgency and conventional operations
  • Presents international comparisons of the major western powers (France, Germany, UK and US)