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Biology for Cambridge IGCSE™ English Language Skills Workbook with Digital Access (2 Years)

Author(s): Matthew Broderick, Timothy Chadwick

ISBN: 9781108947503
Publication Date: 10-03-2022
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Our research shows that English language skills are the single biggest challenge to students accessing international science. Language should never be a barrier to a student’s learning journey. Science can be a particular challenge because of specific technical vocabulary and sentence structures. This English language skills workbook with digital access helps learners to develop their language skills in the context of the Cambridge IGCSE™ Biology syllabus. The workbook contains exercises for each chapter that combine the science content with relevant language skills. Exercises develop learners’ language enabling learners to practise using key vocabulary in different ways, such as through the provision of sentence stems for students to use in their own writing; through speaking and listening with peers, or group work. Activities range from practising using expressions of contrast in the context of animal and plant cells, to re-writing an experimental method to observe the effect of pectinase on orange pulp as a report using the passive voice.

Answers for all questions and exercises can be found online at