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Being You

The Body Image Book for Boys

Author(s): Charlotte Markey, Daniel Hart, Douglas Zacher

ISBN: 9781108949378
Publication Date: 07-04-2022
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From early childhood boys often feel pressured to be athletic and muscular. But what impact does this have on physical and mental well-being through their teens and beyond? Worryingly, a third of teen boys are trying to 'bulk up' due to body dissatisfaction, and boys and men account for 25% of eating disorder cases. What can we tell our boys to help them feel happy and confident simply being themselves? Being You has the answers! It's an easy-to-read, evidence-based guide to developing a positive body image for boys aged 12+. It covers all the facts on puberty, diet, exercise, self-care, mental health, social media, and everything in-between. Boys will find answers to the questions most on their mind, the truth behind many diet and exercise myths, and real-life stories from other boys. Armed with this book, they will understand that muscles don't make a man – it's enough simply being you!

  • Provides accurate, evidence-based information about body image, healthy eating habits, mental and physical health for pre-teen and teen-aged boys
  • Helps boys to understand and appreciate their bodies as they become young men, and navigate their way through inaccurate health/diet information and unrealistic body ideals portrayed in the media
  • Encourages ways to take care of mental and physical heath to improve body image and overall wellbeing, and establish positive habits they can take with them into adulthood