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Ancient Women Philosophers

Author(s): Edited by Katharine R. O'Reilly, Caterina Pellò

ISBN: 9781316516188
Publication Date: 31/8/2023
Pages: 290
Format: Hardback
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Despite the common misconception that ancient philosophy was the domain of male thinkers, sources confirm that ancient women engaged in philosophical activity. Bringing together a collection of essays on ancient women thinkers, with special focus on their ideas and contributions to the history of philosophy, this volume is about the earliest women philosophers, their breakthroughs, and the methods we can use to excavate them. The essays survey the methodological strategies we can use to approach the surviving evidence, retrieve the largely unresearched thought and the original ideas of ancient women philosophers, and carve out a space for them in the canon. The broad focus includes women thinkers in ancient Indian, Chinese, and Arabic philosophy as well as in the Greek and Roman philosophical traditions. The volume will be valuable for a wide range of researchers, teachers, and students of ancient philosophy.

  • Retrieves the previously largely unresearched thought and the original ideas of ancient women philosophers and carves out a space for them in the canon
  • Contributes to diversifying the canon and university curricula by including Indian, Chinese, and Islamic philosophers
  • Includes female thinkers in the philosophical canon by reconstructing their arguments and analyzing how they engage with their philosophical contemporaries and predecessors