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Ancient South America

2nd Edition

Author(s): Karen Olsen Bruhns

ISBN: 9780521682497
Publication Date: 23/5/24
Pages: 484
Format: Paperback
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Ancient South America, 2nd edition features the full panorama of the South American past from the first inhabitants to the European invasions  Isolated for all of prehistory and much of history, the continent witnessed the rise of cultures and advanced civilizations rivalling those of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Independently of developments elsewhere, South American peoples invented agriculture, domesticated animals, and created pottery, elaborate architecture, and the arts of working metals. Tribes, chiefdoms, and immense conquest states rose, flourished, and disappeared, leaving only their ruined monuments and broken artifacts as testimonials to past greatness. This new edition is completely revised and updated to reflect archaeological discoveries and insights made in the past three decades. Incorporating new findings on northern and eastern lowlands, and discussions of the first civilizations, it also examines the first inhabitants of Brazil and Patagonia as well as the Andes. Accessibly written and abundantly illustration, the volume also includes chronological charts and new examples.

  • The book is organized into narrative chapters plus specific chapters on subject of interest such as the origins of domestic corn, the dawn of metallurgy, etc
  • This book provides readers with a summary the important new findings in the Amazon and related areas of tropical lowlands and savannas, including the Acre geoglyphs and the Llanos de Mojos earthworks
  • This book provides readers with a summary the important new findings in the northern Andes