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Advanced Topics in Quantum Field Theory

A Lecture Course

Author(s): Mikhail Shifman

ISBN: 9781108840422
Publication Date: 28-04-2022
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Quantum field theory is the basis of our modern description of physical phenomena at the fundamental level. This systematic and comprehensive text emphasizes nonperturbative phenomena and supersymmetry. It includes a thorough discussion of various phases of gauge theories, extended objects and their quantization, and global supersymmetry from a modern perspective. This Second Edition is revised to include topics developed in the last decade, including higher-form global symmetries and their applications, anomalies in supersymmetric theories beyond Ferrara–Zumino, and non-Abelian supersymmetric vortex strings. A new final part is added, presenting more than 90 problems with detailed solutions, allowing students to check their understanding of the acquired knowledge and providing extra details to supplement the main text descriptions. This an indispensable book for graduate students and researchers in theoretical physics.