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A Practical Guide to Second Language Teaching and Learning

Author(s): Shawn Loewen, Masatoshi Sato

ISBN: 9781108748315
Publication Date: 30/5/24
Pages: 352
Format: Paperback
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An essential resource for individuals entering the field of second language (L2) teaching and learning, this book provides a complete set of instructional materials written in accessible language. Providing enough material to use for an entire semester, the book offers exciting activities for the L2 classroom, alongside outlining the theories and research that support them, including how to connect theory with practice. Each chapter includes: extensive and up-to-date content presented in a clear, engaging, and accessible manner; pre- and post-reading activities to help students connect the topics to their own lives; pedagogical guidelines with practical suggestions; summaries of empirical studies in non-technical, jargon-free language; end-of-chapter assignments which re-enforce students' learning and relate directly to the content. The book concludes with a compelling chapter on the research–practice dialogue. Online resources include lecture slides for instructors and audio files.

  • Bridges the gap between theory and practice, whereas competing titles tend to focus on providing an overview of theories
  • A comprehensive, in-depth, all-in-one textbook, eliminating the need for supplementary material
  • The Pedagogical Guidance sections in each chapter suggest concrete, engaging actions that L2 teachers can employ in the classroom
  • Introduces students to relevant and cutting edge research, featuring engaging summaries of empirical studies, written in jargon-free, non-technical language
  • Pedagogically valuable structure, with supports (key terms; wide range of interesting and stimulating pre and post reading activities to re-enforce learning), scaffolds (recap sections to consolidate the information presented) and extensions (thought provoking assignments suitable for a range of abilities; additional reading and resources)
  • Unique concluding chapter illuminates the research-practice dialogue