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A Philosophers' Manifesto

Ideas and Arguments to Change the World, Volume 91

Author(s): Julian Baggini

ISBN: 9781009272667
Publication Date: 26-05-2022
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In A Philosophers' Manifesto a diverse range of leading philosophers from around the world present the philosophical case for a new policy or law they think will make an improvement in the world. The proposals range across questions of punishment, state ownership, education, freedom, democratic and economic inclusion. They draw in perspectives from Europe, the Americas, East Asia, Africa and India. This collection presents robust arguments for some radical new approaches to social and political issues, showing exactly how philosophy can be of real, practical benefit, especially in these fractious times.

  • Contains articles from leading philosophers and people closely involved with public policy which make the case for a diverse range of new policies and laws
  • Authors include Thaddeus Metz, Jesse Norman MP, Jonathan Wolff and Diane Coyle, with an introduction by Julian Baggini
  • Articles examine the implications of policy changes including universal basic income, conscientious disobedience, and lowering the voting age