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A Disunited Kingdom?

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, 1800–1949

Author(s): Christine Kinealy

ISBN: 9780521598446
Publication Date: 15/04/1999
Pages: 148
Format: Paperback
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When did the United Kingdom come into being? What were the steps which led to its conception? Was the creation of the United Kingdom a symptom of national coherence or of disunity between the countries that made up the union? Did a new national identity come into being after 1801, or did old allegiances and loyalties become more deeply embedded? Is the eventual breakup of the re-constituted United Kingdom inevitable? In seeking answers to these questions, and explaining how the United Kingdom has evolved, the author explores a number of key themes including:the steps to political union,economic change, religion, education, social welfare, war and national identity.