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A Course in English Language Teaching

3rd Edition

Author(s): Penny Ur

ISBN: 9781009417570
Publication Date: 7/3/2024
Format: Paperback
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A Course in English Language Teaching Third edition covers the core principles of teaching English from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Each chapter includes an introductory overview of the topics covered, a discussion of underlying issues and controversies, with suggestions on how these may be resolved, and a range of practical features to help teachers reflect upon and apply the learning. The book takes into account the specific needs of learners of different ages, levels and backgrounds, supporting teachers to work in a wide range of contexts. The third edition has been extensively re-written to reflect research and thinking in the field, as well as technological developments. It includes an additional chapter on digital technology and online teaching.

Key features

  • The book provides a comprehensive introduction to English language teaching. It can be used as the basis of a teacher training course or as a dip-in resource, making it suitable for both trainee and practising teachers and providing flexibility for teacher trainers;
  • It is not tied to a particular qualification, thus providing a solid base for whatever teaching qualification teachers are preparing for
  • The book covers the core principles of teaching English, taking into account the specific needs of younger, teenage and adult learners, therefore ensuring that it is appropriate for a range of teacher contexts
  • Content has been revised, sometimes extensively, to reflect recent developments in teaching and learning, and an additional chapter has been added on the use of digital technology and online teaching, thus ensuring the book is up-to-date and relevant to contemporary practice
  • Each chapter contains evidence-informed information, practical guidelines, classroom procedures or teaching strategies, reflection and discussion tasks, thus ensuring a good balance of both theory and practice
  • Each chapter has an introduction and conclusion, an overview, review questions and suggestions for further reading, making it very clear and reader-friendly. This is further supported by a clear table of contents, a glossary, a list of references and a comprehensive index.