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You may have heard about - it's a new way to discover books and buy online, and offers an ethical alternative to Amazon whilst supporting independent bookshops. It launched in the UK at the start of Novemeber 2020 and we are very pleased to be part of the venture.

As well as buying directly from CUP Bookshop here on our website or by contacting us directly, you can also access any Press publications not listed here through our sparkling new storefront at


How works

When you first visit by clicking on the link above, it will set a cookie and any books you buy on the site will be credited to us. You will know that you are visiting the right bookshop because our name and profile picture will appear in the top left of the page or on your smartphone. If for any reason a different bookshop is displayed - simply click on the above storefront link again, or cut and paste it into your browser window.

Every sale made through benefits independent booksellers across the UK at a time when bookshops need your support more than ever. Your support is so much appreciated.

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