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Understanding Obesity

Author(s): Stanley Ulijaszek

ISBN: 9781009218214
Publication Date: 25/1/24
Pages: 196
Format: Paperback
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Most people have some dissatisfaction or concern about body weight, fatness, or obesity, either personally or professionally. This book shows how the popular understanding of obesity is often at odds with scientific understandings, and how misunderstandings about people with obesity can further contribute to the problem. It describes, in an approachable way, interconnected debates about obesity in public policy, medicine and public health, and how media and social media engage people in everyday life in those debates. In chapters considering body fat and fatness, genetics, metabolism, food and eating, inequality, blame and stigma, and physical activity, this book brings separate domains of obesity research into the field of complexity. By doing so, it aids navigation through the minefield of misunderstandings about body weight, fatness, and obesity that exist today, after decades of mostly failed policies and interventions.

  • Conveys the complexity of obesity in everyday terms offering 'instruments of change' in how people think and act in relation to body weight, fatness, and obesity
  • Highlights popular understandings of body weight, fatness and obesity and relates them to scientific understandings, in a soft myth-busting way
  • Informs in an approachable way the interconnected debates about obesity in policy, medicine, public health
  • Summarizes popular misunderstandings about obesity, chapter by chapter, with summaries and end-sections in each about what can be done