SALE Hume: An Intellectual Biography

SALE Hume: An Intellectual Biography

Author(s): James A. Harris

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This is the first book to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire career of one of Britain's greatest men of letters. It sets in biographical and historical context all of Hume's works, from A Treatise of Human Nature to The History of England, bringing to light the major influences on the course of Hume's intellectual development, and paying careful attention to the differences between the wide variety of literary genres with which Hume experimented. The major events in Hume's life are fully described, but the main focus is on Hume's intentions as a philosophical analyst of human nature, politics, commerce, English history, and religion. Careful attention is paid to Hume's intellectual relations with his contemporaries. The goal is to reveal Hume as a man intensely concerned with the realization of an ideal of open-minded, objective, rigorous, dispassionate dialogue about all the principal questions faced by his age.

  • Rejects the popular idea that Hume's main concern was to discredit the Christian religion
  • Rejects the view, common in the philosophical community, that Hume's philosophical writings are more important than his writings on politics, economics, and history

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