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Resistance and Liberation

France at War, 1942-1945

Author(s): Douglas Porch

ISBN: 9781009161145
Publication Date: 25/1/24
Pages: 832
Format: Hardback
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In Resistance and Liberation, Douglas Porch continues his epic history of France at war. Emerging from the debâcle of 1940, France faced the quandary of how to rebuild military power, protect the empire, and resuscitate its global influence. While Charles de Gaulle rejected the armistice and launched his offshore crusade to reclaim French honor within the Allied camp, defeatists at Vichy embraced cooperation with the victorious Axis. The book charts the emerging dynamics of la France libre and the Alliance, Vichy collaboration, and the swelling resistance to the Axis occupation. From the campaigns in Tunisia and Italy to Liberation, Douglas Porch traces how de Gaulle sought to forge a French army and prevent civil war. He captures the experiences of ordinary French men and women caught up in war and defeat, the choices they made, the trials they endured, and how this has shaped France's memory of those traumatic years.

  • Definitive new history of France at war showing how de Gaulle sought to forge a new French army, prevent the country falling into civil war and reassert French power on the world stage
  • Goes beyond the binaries of resistance and collaboration to show French society as a whole experienced war, defeat, occupation and liberation
  • Reveals how de Gaulle attempted to establish a triumphalist French “memory” of the war by emphasizing the role of resistance in France's liberation while minimizing that of the Allies and the colonial forces of the l'Armée d'Afrique