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Just Following Orders

Atrocities and the Brain Science of Obedience

Author(s): Emilie A. Caspar

ISBN: 9781009385435
Publication Date: 25/7/2024
Pages: 261
Format: Hardback
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How can obedience and carrying out orders lead to horrific acts such as the Holocaust or the genocides in Rwanda, Cambodia, or Bosnia? For the most part, it is a mystery why obeying instructions from an authority can convince people to kill other human beings, sometimes without hesitation and with incredible cruelty. Combining social and cognitive neuroscience with real-life accounts from genocide perpetrators, this book sheds light on the process through which obedience influences cognition and behavior. Emilie Caspar, a leading expert in the field, translates this neuroscientific approach into a clear, uncomplicated explanation, even for those with no background in psychology or neuroscience. By better understanding humanity's propensity for direct orders to short-circuit our own independent decision-making, we can edge closer to effective prevention processes.

  • Presents the first complete and interdisciplinary view on the mechanisms of obedience
  • Combines lab research with field work and interviews with genocide perpetrators
  • Translates rigorous research into an easy-to-understand explanation of atrocious acts from a human-centred perspective