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How To Think About Climate Change

Insights from Economics for the Perplexed but Open-minded Citizen

Author(s): Riccardo Rebonato

ISBN: 9781009405003
Publication Date: 25/1/24
Pages: 360
Format: Hardback
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Caught in the crossfire between climate deniers and catastrophists, the intelligent layperson is understandably bewildered when faced with the complexity of climate change. How To Think About Climate Change shows that economics provides not just a suitable, but an indispensable perspective to understand the root causes of the climate-change problem: scarcity of resources, externalities and free riding. Riccardo Rebonato argues that there are no silver bullets or easy solutions. However, he shows that the new-generation economics models offer a radically different insight about our best course of action from what most early models recommended – in particular, they suggest that fast and large-scale climate action can now be justified as the most cost-effective strategy without requiring the 'infinite altruism' of earlier models. Given the conceptual tools provided in this book, readers can decide whether they agree with these conclusions – and, if they do, what the most effective courses of action are.

  • Provides introduction to relatively advanced concepts in the economics of climate change
  • Provides conceptual tools rather than ready-made conclusions allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions
  • Draws on interdisciplinary treatment allowing the reader to appreciate the complexity of the problem from different angles