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Contested Representation

Challenges, Shortcomings and Reforms

Author(s): Edited by Claudia Landwehr, Thomas Saalfeld, Armin Schäfer

ISBN: 9781009267687
Publication Date: 25/1/24
Pages: 365
Format: Paperback
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In the past two decades, democratic institutions have faced a crisis of representation. From authoritarian backsliding in countries with recent democratic transformations, to severe challenges to established liberal democracies, the meaning of political representation and whether and when it succeeds has become highly debated. In response to an increasingly fraught political climate, Contested Representation brings together scholars from across the United States and Europe to critically assess the performance of representative institutions in Europe and North America. Taking an interdisciplinary, comparative approach, this volume looks at the viability of electoral institutions, the responsiveness of government to public preferences, alternative institutions for more inclusive democracy, and the political economy of populism. Chapters also address the broader normative question of how democratic institutions can be adapted to new conditions and challenges. Expertly researched and exceedingly timely, Contested Representation provides critical frameworks that highlight realistic pathways to democratic reform.

  • Helps identify the commonalities (and differences) in the sources and consequences of democratic representation issues in the US and Europe
  • Connects debates in political theory with positive strands of political science
  • Highlights realistic pathways for the reform of the core institutions of representative democracy